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healthy pizza
healthy pizza

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"Eat a rainbow, live a healthier life "
"Nutritional therapies are not a pill to relieve symptoms, but a holistic approach to help the whole human body recover " by Ann-Kathrin Lederer and Roman Huber in Editorial "The Relation of Diet and Health: You Are What You Eat"
"Are you looking for a long term solution? Do you want to achieve your health goal in a sustainable way? Contact Evelyn for an in-clinic appointment or book for an online consultation."

 Meet Dietitian:

Dr. Evelyn (Pheh Ping) Chang

MSc, PhD, BDiet, APD

Dr. Evelyn (Pheh Ping) Chang is an experienced Accredited Practising Dietitian registered with Dietitians Australia (DA). She completed her Bachelor of Dietetics with high achievement hence being awarded with University Medal and Top USC Academic Achievement in Dietetics. She has undertaken additional training in chronic kidney disease and gut health having completed Monash University’s FODMAP training for Dietitians, Food Intolerance Management for Dietitians course, and Crohn's Disease Exclusion Diet training. She has also completed training in QuEDS (Queensland Eating Disorder Service) Evidence-informed Dietetic Practice for Eating Disorders.

Prior to that, she obtained a PhD in Medical Sciences from the Australian National University and MSc in Molecular Microbiology. She was actively involved in research with her work being published in highly reputable scientific journals. To read more about her publications, please click here.

Evelyn combines her skills and experience developed over the years to translate scientific nutrition information into personalised and practical dietary advice for clients. She understands that making changes to eating patterns is easier said than done. She is well known to spend time with her clients and ensures that she provides a high quality service. Her aim is to bridge the gap between where clients are and where they want to be, walking alongside, motivating and supporting them along the way. Her ultimate goal is to make a difference in people's life by helping them to achieve a sustainable healthier life.

NOTE: Evelyn is able to cater for those who wish to communicate in Malay and Chinese during consultation session.

Evelyn Chang
Evelyn Chang


1.5. heart health

Evelyn works with you to improve cholesterol levels, blood pressure level, and body weight, thereby improving heart health. She also assists in the sodium and fluid management. 

Dr Evelyn Chang Newsletter: This is an online nutrition & health newsletter. Dr Evelyn Chang will be sharing with the readers about nutrition & health utilizing her clinical experience and the scientific evidence as well as sharing her everyday practical tips. You can subscribe her newsletter for free.

1.2. Diabetes

Evelyn works with you to improve blood sugar level, HbA1c result, and body weight. Under her support, you will know your carbohydrate tolerance and hence empower you to control your blood sugar level in an appropriate manner. Importantly, she will guide you to work on increasing your insulin sensitivity and thereby putting your diabetes in remission, which means your blood sugar level is within healthy range without any medication.

1.1. chronic Kidney disease
1. Consultation

Evelyn has a special interest in chronic kidney disease. Through working closely with her, she can assist you to preserve kidney function and relieve symptoms related to kidney problem.

Dr Evelyn Chang provides either one-to-one consultation session or group consultation to support her clients. Clients can choose to get dietary advice and support either via in-clinic, as home visit, or virtual/online platform. Her main clinic is located at Maroochydore. She also works at other location including Buderim, Birtinya, and North Brisbane. There is no need to get a GP referral to see Evelyn however if you would like to get a rebate, she accepts Medicare care plan CDM/ EPC, DVA gold card, EDMP plan, and private health fund. To get a referral from your GP, please quote below information:

"Dr Evelyn (Pheh Ping) Chang

Rainbow Nutrition and Dietetics

58 Ballinger Rd, Buderim QLD 4556

Ph: 0497 785 114

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She provides qualified and professional dietary support focusing but not limited to the following conditions:

1.4. food and food chemical intolerance

Underweight or overweight? Evelyn will work with you to manage your weight in a sustainable manner that suits you, lifestyle, and family.

To diagnose food and food chemical intolerance and to manage the symptoms can be overwhelming. Evelyn will guide you through the journey in a supported manner by using validated method developed by the Allergy Unit at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, the RPAH Diagnostic Elimination Diet.

1.3. Irritable bowel syndrome and gut health

As a Monash University FODMAP Trained Dietitian, Evelyn will work with you to manage your symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. She can also help you with other gut issues such as diverticulosis, bowel obstruction, and reflux.


1.7. eating disorders

Evelyn will support you to develop a positive relationship with food via establishing regular eating pattern, adequate nutrition your body need, enjoying a variety of food, eating socially, and flexibility around eating. Evelyn accepts Eating Disorders Management Plan (EDMP). It is important for you to work together with your dietitian, psychologist, and GP to achieve optimal outcome.

Nutrition talk and workshop: Every year, Dr Evelyn Chang provides FREE nutrition workshop with a range of nutrition topics at the Sunshine Coast Libraries. She is also providing online nutrition webinar. All her talk and workshop are science evidence based. If you would like her to give nutrition education at your workplace or in any event, please contact her at 0497 785 114 or email to